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Website and SEO Audit

We’re pretty sure you’ll love working with us, and the results we achieve even more. To put our money where our mouths are, we’re offering your firm a free analysis of your website and search strategy. We promise we won’t try to sell you anything – and hope this report will help you whether or not you choose to hire us.

But we think you will.

Get clear, actionable insights regarding your website and search optimization from the company with more Google Product Experts than anyone else in the world.

Our audit looks at your website, Google Business Listings, and around the Internet for ways to improve your search rank and website usability and help grow trust and leads for your firm.

Once your audit is complete, our team can perform all recommended services, or you can take our report and have your own team of experts handle all, or part of the execution plan.

Your First Audit is On Us

We partner with the only team on the planet featuring one Diamond, three Platinum, and three Gold Google Product Experts.

Google Business Complete

Google Business Profile Management 
Google has become so ubiquitous as a marketplace search and referral tool that it’s now a verb. And if you’re not optimizing your firm’s Google Business presence, you’re lacking critical skin-in-the-game commitment and ceding market advantage to your competitors. We’ll create your Google Business account for you (or maximize the one you already have) and manage it using best practices for the highest engagement.

We’ll also tend to the reviews you receive on your Google Business Profile. Each review will receive a prompt and professional response as if it came directly for you, and questions will be directed back to your firm. Google requires excellent follow-up to your reviews and questions. We’ve got you covered.

By posting high quality content on your Google Business Profile, our team of experts will give your business listings the edge you need to compete at the highest level possible.

Our service also includes Local Pics for Small Business so you can text photos directly to your Google Business Profile – no login required!

To protect your investment in our partnership, we backup your Google Business accounts monthly – including posts, reviews, user Images, Q&As, and listing details. Should your account ever be the victim of foul play – we’ll have you back up and running in no time at all.

SPAM Watch
We monitor your Google Business Profiles daily to guard against malicious edits or changes that can cause your listing to be suspended. Our team of professionals with several Google Product Experts will evaluate and submit fraudulent, fake, or non-compliant Google Maps listings to Google for removal, which should improve your local search rank and lower your AdWords cost.Finally, if a suspension does occur on our watch, we will handle the reinstatement process free of charge.

Monthly Huddle and Reporting
We’ll send you easy-to-read, neatly organized reports detailing how your website and keywords are performing – and suggestions from our team – and Google how to make improvements. Oh, and we’ll schedule a 30 minute call to review everything with you, including what to expect over the next thirty days.

Special Circumstances
If you’re having problems with your Google Business account, if you have old accounts you need to delete, or a problem with your online reputation, please call us to discuss your options – we can usually help. Contact us with the specifics and we will discuss your options.

$1,500 / month

Per Location

Grow your law firm’s brand, visibility, trust and Google’s search result ranking.

Google Local Service Ads

Generate a higher amount of more qualified leads for your business with Local Service Ads on Google.

For certain types of businesses, Local Service Ads (LSAs) offered by Google are one of the most effective ways to generate qualified leads. Your LSAs only show up in your service area, you build trust with the “Google Screened” badge, and you only pay if the lead calls or messages you directly from the ad. Our team of Google product experts will set up your account – then manage everything for you!

We will facilitate the gathering and submission of all required documents for your LSA account, optimize your listing, and set up call tracking for you (if applicable). We will also train your staff to access and understand you dashboard so you can track your progress along with our team.

Lead Management
We will manage up to 50 leads per month in your Google LSA account on a weekly basis. Management includes categorizing, cross-referencing, notation, and disputing false leads. Additional leads are billed at $3 per lead.

Our team will send monthly reports on the performance of your LSAs, report competitors’ SPAM when appropriate, and alert you to any missed calls.

$750 / month

Per Location/Keyword

With over a hundred years of experience across our team. You can trust your firm is in good company.

Your Law Firm's Website, Only Better

Creating your website is the modern-day version of hanging your shingle in the virtual marketplace. You’ve done all the hard work to get your law firm to the marketplace, now we can help you turn your shingle into a billboard and get the most from your investment in your firm’s website.

We’re all about your brand – and your site’s end-to-end search optimization – from tweaking your technology and design, to crafting content designed to improve your search results – we’ll make sure Google sees you above the rest and in the best light possible.

By designing a business model from the ground up to serve firms like yours, we make big agency experience accessible to a range of budgets. Utilize our subscription service or pay as you go. You bring the ask. We’ll deliver the answer.

Pricing for a new, custom, fully optimized website typically starts at $3,500 and averages around $5,000 – your final cost depends on the complexity of the site, size of your firm, the content required, and the technology chosen on which to build your site.


Unparalleled White Glove Service

Our “white glove” service means you don’t get your hands dirty. Ever. Even if you have a question we don’t already know the answer to, we’ll track the answer down. Even if you run into issues that are out of our control, we’ll help you get them resolved.


The Fine Print in Bold Type: For all 36-month subscriptions, we’ll provide a free website makeover after completing 30-months of the 36-month term. All subscriptions can be cancelled after 90-days with 30 days notice. Regardless how you want work with us, we’ll do whatever we can to take care of you – and get you where you need to go. Supporting your business is our business. We got this.

Our Three-Part Promise

Our values guide us, and our three-point promise keeps us accountable. We, too, are small, with an agility and a flexibility that make us mighty. We care deeply about the success of our clients, and our commitment to that success bears out in our work. If you choose to engage with us, here’s what you can expect.

We promise to stay focused on your success. As partners in your success, we only win if you do.

We promise to do the right thing. We’re invested in making the work we do matter for your firm.

We will respond in a timely manner. We understand the clock is always ticking – whether you’re on it or not.