Your Law Firm's Website, Only Better​

Creating your website is the modern-day version of hanging your shingle in the virtual marketplace. You’ve done all the hard work to get your law firm to the marketplace, now we can help you turn your shingle into a billboard and get the most from your investment in your firm’s website.

We’re all about your brand – and your site’s end-to-end search optimization – from tweaking your technology and design, to crafting content designed to improve your search results – we’ll make sure Google sees you above the rest and in the best light possible.

By designing a business model from the ground up to serve firms like yours, we make big agency experience accessible to a range of budgets. Utilize our subscription service or pay as you go. You bring the ask. We’ll deliver the answer.

Pricing for a new, custom, fully optimized website typically starts at $3,500 and averages around $5,000 – your final cost depends on the complexity of the site, size of your firm, the content required, and the technology chosen on which to build your site.