Google Local Service Ads

For certain types of businesses, Local Service Ads (LSAs) offered by Google are one of the most effective ways to generate qualified leads. Your LSAs only show up in your service area, you build trust with the “Google Screened” badge, and you only pay if the lead calls or messages you directly from the ad. Our team of Google product experts will set up your account – then manage everything for you!

$750 / month

Per Listing + $750 Account Setup

With over a hundred years of experience across our team,
you can trust your firm is in good company.

Generate a higher amount of more qualified leads for your business with Local Service Ads on Google.
We will facilitate the gathering and submission of all required documents for your LSA account, optimize your listing, and set up call tracking for you (if applicable). We will also train your staff to access and understand you dashboard so you can track your progress along with our team.

Lead Management
We will manage up to 50 leads per month in your Google LSA account on a weekly basis. Management includes categorizing, cross-referencing, notation, and disputing false leads. Additional leads are billed at $3 per lead.

Our team will send monthly reports on the performance of your LSAs, report competitors’ SPAM when appropriate, and alert you to any missed calls.